Get an opportunity to engage with and hear from a broad-based investor panel – angel, early-stage, VC/PE, incubator/accelerator etc. Get your queries around investment patterns, what do investors look for, directives, advisory etc. answered.

VC Roundtable @ TiECon Pune 2017 powered by SMEJOINUP

What is the VC Roundtable at the TiECon Pune 2017?

The VC Roundtable at the TiECon, Pune 2017 is a closed room informal networking session between few investors and a set of curated start-ups to discuss their funding opportunity.
The investors comprise of Angel Investors and VCs investing in early stage companies.
You would need to apply for the session and if you are shortlisted by an investor you will get a chance to be part of the same.

What is the format of the session?

The format of the session comprises of one round of speed dating with investors followed by an informal coffee round with investors . The coffee round will be with investors who want a detailed and prolonged discussion with the startups they select and could lead to the investors finally wanting to invest in the company.

What happens post the VC Roundtable  ?

If you are the selected few for the coffee round with Investors and post the rendezvous the investors still show interest in you , they would fix further meetings with you to take this conversation further and hence increasing chances of they investing in your company.

How do I apply for the VC Roundtable ?

You need to have registered for the TiECon Pune 2017 before applying for the Roundtable . If you have not registered, please do REGISTER.

Who is our contact point for the VC Roundtable ?

SME JOINUP is organizing the VC Roundtable at TiECon Pune 2017. You can contact them at for any query.

To apply for the session, please fill in details HERE

Thank you for your overwhelming response. The applications for VC Roundtable are closed. We look forward to seeing you at TiECon Pune 2017.