The Award Winners for TiE Pune - Whizible Awards 2018

Startup of the Year
Early Salary
Startup organization that has the best potential to become a mega success.
Bootstrap Hero
A startup not raised capital, yet is showing signs of growth and potential for scale up.
Outstanding Social Enterprise
Pune Connect
The enterprise that is solving large problem and creating best impact.
'Nurtured' Success Award
Flytbase and Altizon
Most Promising ‘Nurture’ Graduate who successfully graduated from any of the six editions of TIE Pune Nurture Program.
Woman Champ
Ashwini Deshpande
A super successful business founded and/or led by a woman.
Exemplary Entrepreneur Award
Anand Deshpande
This is the entrepreneur that has become legend as entrepreneur and is also serving the cause of entrepreneurship.
Promising Comeback
A failed or not so successful founder in first innings who bounced back with a successful second venture or a complete pivot of existing venture that succeeded.
'Midas' Angel
Vaibhav Domkundwar
This is an important part of the ecosystem. This angel investor who displayed the ‘golden’ touch - be it key customer access, successful exit or life-changing advise in addition to early stage investment.
Missionary Zeal Recognition Awards
Vivek Gupta and Supratik Ghatak
The volunteers that contributed the most to TIE Pune mission.

Members of Jury : 2018

Anil Tabib
Gireendra Kasmalkar
Zelam Choubal
Advait Kurlekar
Ajay Hiraskar
Kiran Deshpande
Manjusha Madabushi
Ravi Nigam
Sanjay Pradhan
Satish Dhupdale
Uday Kothari
Rohit Bhatia
Prashant Pansare
Subhash Bal
Vinay Nathan
Surendar Agarwal
Jitendra Tanna
Patanjali Somayaji
Vandana Poria
Hemant Jalan
Rashmi Ahad
Akash Sureka
Ramesh Mirakhur

The awards are sponsored by Whizible – organization Vishwas Mahajan leads and The entire process